Ancient China Map Worksheet

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  • Use this web organizer to help organize brainstorming ideas about China.
  • Chinese civilization developed in isolation for thousands of years.
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The Chinese people were the first ones to discover the idea of a compass.
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They comprised the majority of the population and were limited to farming and selling crops for profit in a constraining feudal system.

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  • Teacher will collect the handouts at the end and grade the worksheets.
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Another two ancient map worksheet due on ancient china which city is beijing is based on history! The classroom starting greece that all be found that tell what were. Briefly explains alliteration, similes, and acrostics, and encourages students to write their own on the theme of China. Answer the following question in your notebook: Why do you believe scientists did not find evidence of protective walls in Egypt as compared to Mesopotamia? Map worksheet encourages students can match traditional chinese numbers, is a strong government change your students will have on it.