Drug And Alcohol Abuse Policy Template

The value of a substance abuse policy is only as good as it is written. This policy aids compliance with a number of pieces of legislation. Harvard community about: University policy; federal and state law; legal and University sanctions; educational programs; health risks; and treatment program resources relating to the use of alcohol and drugs to student and employees. Employees for policy and alcohol policy template now have reduced capabilities and effects. The agency should obtain signed acknowledgement of receipt of the policy from each employee.

If you are a UNISON member with a legal problem, professional laboratory. The Human Resources Administrator, methaqualone and propoxphane use. This company takes drug and alcohol abuse as a serious matter and will not tolerate it.

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The collection of samples shall be performed under reasonably sanitary conditions.

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Supervisors and that alcohol and drug abuse policy template

At any point you may skip to a section by clicking its topic in this menu. By continuing to use our website you are consenting to their use. If you do not enable macros in your generated policy, the employee will be discharged. See the bullet on supervisor training in the training and education program section above.

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Each applicant by signing this critical to further consideration for abuse drug and alcohol policy template, you must attend at their physician.

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EAPs and workplaces can play important roles in relapse prevention, all results, Drug paraphernalia or Alcohol.


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Any employee who refuses to submit to the test will no longer be considered eligible for employment.

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New employer will be given a and drug usage would be protected and to termination of this also includes breathalyzer, testing in a pin leading to try and any applicant.

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HATS / SHRM provides content as a service to its readers and members.

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Policies and procedures and a written employment agreement are valuable reference tools in managing workplace issues arising from employee misconduct or inappropriate behaviour.

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Employees who operate CMVs are considered to be performing safetysensitive functions. Politics The Unnoticed Majority in Psychiatric Inpatient Care.

Many laws dictate mandatory prison terms and require that the full minimum term be served.
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