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Such a shame it was next to the noisy train line for you as well, ergh. They belong in a commercial zone not next to homes with small children. We look out the window and disco lights are running in the house. Moreover, make sure there are no unpleasant scents in the rental. The luggage thing is becoming a big issue for me.

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Since many cities have zoning and short term rental laws, you could get evicted in the middle of your rental period. North American accent asks how they can help. Canary Islands

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Naomi Slipp has experience running two different locations: a family cottage in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, that had previously been outfitted as a rental space, and a separate wing in a home she bought in Montgomery, Alabama.

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Can You Get Scammed on Airbnb? She never followed through. Whenever possible, opt for tables rather than furniture with drawers.

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Staying in a smelly room for hours made my breathing a bit difficult. If the goal is to resolve problems, there is no rating low enough. Before you book you only get a general area inside a green circle.

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Airbnb routinely charge cleaning and other fees, some substantial, but such extra costs seldom are factored into the nightly rate that turns up in the initial lodging search, according to an analysis of listings by The Times.