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Payment must be enclosed. Attorneys of record and litigants may view the contents of a sealed record upon presentation of proper identification, except for adoption cases.

  • Copies will be mailed or emailed within two business days of the request.
  • Cases can be accessed by name, case number, filing date or hearing date.
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Any search for older paper documents should begin by contacting the court where the case was filed. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server.

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This site you of court in cases? All court documents filed in a case by the parties and all court orders issued by the Tribunal in a case are available for viewing by the public.

  • The other party in your case can also look at the electronic records.
  • The email should include the case number, case name, and the documents you are requesting.
  • No Personal Checks will be accepted through the mail.
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Why are my court documents online? Reading trial court order copies of court documents were viewed in person during regular business days of motor vehicles maintains a register a person.

  • Records received from the lower courts that have been sealed by that court will remain sealed in the Court of Appeals.
  • Some courts have computer systems that allow access to court records online.
  • Payment in full will be required before your request will be processed.
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For example, a court in one county could allow remote access to electronic records by a local child support agency in a different county.

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  • Law or court libraries often have print copies of selected case documents, usually briefs.
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Court documents are available for purchase or viewing from the Archives Division or Court Division in which the case is filed. If there are any results, click on the case number to see information about the case.

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