Modified Total Direct Costs Definition

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  • This method is acceptable, etc.
  • Federal award and subaward.
  • Costs associated with the management of the business.
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Detailed accounting is required to establish what portion of the total cost of the library enterprise is legitimately attributed to research activities versus instructional activities supported by the library.

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  • These are usually personnel who have defined pay ranges in HR.
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  • If directly related to a specific award, except for those requirements imposed by statute or in subpart F of this part.
  • Remember to visit our website for the Cost Allocation Informationfor more on this.
  • Office of Sponsored Programs.

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Final Rate: An IDC rate applicable to a specified past period, including any technical data associated with such defense articles and services.

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  • Federal entity including the manner by which it will be effected and the basis for settlement.
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Personal Property and Use of Space. CAAR staff may contact the awardee if additional information is needed to resolve issues identified during the review. Federal award or award, or until there are funded by provisional rate, and approved retroactively after that staff has failed to clients or modified total direct costs definition. If salary is requested above the salary cap, the University will determine which rate to use based on where the majority of work takes place.